VrilConjunction Inc. provides comprehensive support operations in Japan


  • Repairing overseas brand jewelry and accessories
  • OEM
  • Product training for sales staff (e.g. handling)
  • Shipment inspection and damage control


 If you are planning to enter the Japanese market...

If you have already been operating in Japan without an established customer service operation, you have had to return products that require repair to your home country at high cost and lengthy time periods. We have the experience and understanding of Japanese practices to help you establish an effective customer service operation here in Japan.


If you have a problem with customer service, we can help you.

We provide optimal and immediate solutions.

You must have an effective customer support center in Japan to improve your sales
Most Japanese believe that family heirloom jewelry is always handed down from mother to child. Regardless of the value, Japanese take care of their personal treasures by repairing. Japanese will not purchase anything if it cannot be repaired or restored when it becomes broken or damaged. This way of thinking - replacing something damaged or broken with a new one - certainly discourages a motive for purchase.


To be successful in the Japanese market, you must provide superior customer service.

If you have a customer support center, you can also enter the Japanese market through the Internet without actually opening a bricks-and-mortar shop. You can "display" your products in select shops.

Customer Support Center
  • Product warranty
  • Repairs (Warranty/without warranty)
If you are having a customer service problem, please contact us. Our specialists can solve your problem with you.
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